Developing People to Perform

Expanding our presence across national boundaries to the stature of a global enterprise and extending our activities to every area that will enable human capabilities, enrich resources and enhance the quality of life on the earth: This is RP Group of Companies today. Inspired by a visionary spirit in the '70s, and led by commitment and competence, the group has twenty companies under its fold with four affiliated organizations. Its presence is truly global with operational bases in fifteen cities across seven countries and employs over 70,000 people making it one of the major employers worldwide. The group companies have highly diversified business activities from construction and contracting to healthcare and education. Beyond business, RP Group has invested substantially in ventures of social significance.

Business Vision

We envision being an exemplary corporate entity in the region, with a meaningful growth curve that encompasses consistent economic growth, expanding geographic presence, strategic diversification and increasing involvement with social development globally.

Mission Statement

We will constantly strive to implement initiatives in order to attain our defined mission. We will fulfill our objective of contributing to economic development of the countries we operate in, conforming to operational excellence and best business practices. We will endeavor to change people's lives for better by providing them opportunities and create an environment conducive to productivity. We will continue to be a responsible global citizen serving the community, upholding national interests, being environment friendly and health and safety oriented, and meeting or exceeding our long-term commitment to humanitarian causes and significant social issues.

Responsive to Community Needs

RP Group's deep social commitment stems from its Chairman's profound vision of a world in health, happiness and harmony. The Group is in the forefront of humanitarian, cultural and relief activities and has well-structured arms to handle each of them properly. Besides providing housing and wedding support for poor families, the Group offers scholarships for deserving students in economically backward conditions. It supports relief activities on the face of disaster directly and by contributing to non-profit organizations. RP Group is also active with sponsorship of cultural events and in supporting Indian expatriates abroad in times of need.