Business Beyond Borders

RP Group of Companies is a highly diversified enterprise with a growing presence in a number of vital segments. Our rich resource pool of professionals and dedicated personnel enable us to maintain high standards of performing excellence in all realms of our activities. RP Group is the fast-growing business network with almost 70,000 employees in more than 7 countries, 15 cities.

RP Group has harmonized its fundamental strengths and farsighted thinking in the process of expanding and diversifying, to lead the construction industry.

Identifying hospitality industry as one of the fastest growing business segments, RP Group extends its presence with quality travel services and hotels.

RP Groupā€˜s deep commitment is reflected in its ventures in the medical sector, which aim to provide high quality modern healthcare facilities to all.

RP Group has widened its operations to areas like education, trading, shopping malls etc..

Our Chairman Speaks

Strength is perceived in terms of size, endurance and success. We have also added a fourth dimension to it, which is social responsiveness and we are very proud of our accomplishments in all these spheres.

From its single company beginning in the '70s we have branched and blossomed into a multi-divisional, multidimensional corporate entity with twenty companies in its fold. (more)